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Our founder Blair is a survivor. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33. As Blair, her husband John, and her young sons struggled to cope with the news and the uncertain future they faced an amazing thing happened. Blair learned about the power of the human spirit as her family, friends, and people she had never met rallied to support her. She faced a long, arduous road that included surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Fortunately, Blair has endured and is now cancer free. Now, through pinkEpromise, she wants nothing more than to pass along that indelible spirit that comes from staring terrifying uncertainty in the face and persevering.

“The mission of pinkEpromise is to offer you, our customers, and new friends boutique style and handmade goods, often personalized at amazing prices while at the same time raising money for the The Healing Consciousness Foundation, which provides spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional support to courageous women, like Blair in their fight against breast cancer.”

We offer unique, artisan products ranging from handcrafted jewelry to decorative home products and everything in between. A majority of our items are made by Blair herself! We specialize in personalized items! A portion of your purchase is then donated to The Healing Consciousness Foundation. Your donation helps breast cancer patients pursue holistic treatments offered by HCF including yoga, massage, therapeutic touch, guided imagery, acupuncture, and other therapies that promote overall health and wellness to help manage the physical side effects and great emotional strain that patients face during their battle. According to Blair, the services provided by HCF were incredibly important and comforting to her during treatment.

So we invite you to browse the site and enjoy the savings we offer you, and know that your purchase will offer a brave woman who is battling this terrible disease an opportunity to receive therapies that will comfort and soothe her while undergoing treatment.

Blair Greiner, founder of online boutique pinkEpromise, was named the 2016 recipient of the Geri Thompson Award by The Healing Consciousness Foundation (HCF). The humbling award is presented annually to an individual who has promoted the mission and values of the HCF for the betterment of others affected with breast cancer. The Geri Thompson Award was established to honor the memory of Geri Thompson and her active role in the founding of the HCF, which provides spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional support to women in their fight against breast cancer.

“I did not have the pleasure of meeting Geri, but receiving an award in honor of her legacy fills my heart in the highest regard,” said Greiner. “All of the women who were nominated for the award have positively influenced my life. I am grateful for the chance to stand with them in support of a cause that is so dear to all of our hearts.”

Geri Thompson was a vibrant 40-year-old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. During her treatment, she received holistic services to help her on her journey. After experiencing the benefits of these healing modalities, Geri approached her employer to secure funding for the HCF. Through her efforts, the HCF was awarded $10,000. This gift made it possible to establish the Healing Certificate and Practitioner Programs.

You won’t find a better gift for yourself or someone you love, for a better cause anywhere…we pinkEpromise.